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Repair of Light Lifts

PAYTEX takes on post-warranty service, repair, upgrading light lifts for chandeliers of different modifications and manufacturers: MW-Light, Aladdin, WPL, etc.

If a malfunction is detected, you do not need to think how to dismantle, fix, and then install the light lift again. We are ready to take this task. Our experts produce high-quality equipment repair with a guarantee using original components or in the case of modernization will be designed, produce and installed a new node based on our production.

Types of work on the repair and maintenance of lifts for chandeliers:

  • Installation / Disassembly of the light lift
  • Replacing / Engine Repair
  • Replacement / Repair of the control unit
  • Replacement / Repair of the lifting mechanism
  • Replacement / Repair of the current collector
  • Replacement / Repair of the cable
  • Replacement / Repair of intermediate rollers
  • Replacement / Repair electric wiring of the lift
  • Substitution / Repair of limit switches
  • Substitution / Repair of the lift body
And also, it is possible to expand the functionality of the lift at the expense of additional options:

  • LSA - light-sound alarm
  • Increase the length of the cable
  • Increased lifting capacity
The cost of repair and maintenance is calculated individually, but it will not exceed 50% of the retail value of the lift itself.
If you revealed a lift malfunction, do not try to fix it with your own forces. Observe precautions and trust this work to us!
Repair or upgrading will take a little time. We give 12 months warranty on all work done.
монтаж подъемника для люстры

ремонт лифта для люстры
Modernization of the Aladdin Light Lift in Kharkov
The design of this winch does not provide for the fixation of the chandelier suspension knot in the upper position. That is, when the chandelier moves, the owner must regulate the stop independently, "on the eye". The customer appealed to us with a request to eliminate this feature and, thus, to protect yourself from unexpected cases of damage to the ceiling and chandeliers.
The specialists of the PAYTEX company were designed, made and installed a mechanical retainer for the Aladdin lift. It was adjusted, successfully passed overweight tests. The upgraded lift from our company guarantees a safe stop and fixation of the chandelier in the upper position. The customer was satisfied with the result, the task was fulfilled completely.

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