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Our Completed Projects

Light Lift with an electric drive for panicadyl in the Church of Kolomyia
In the new building of the temple, everything is new: the main chandelier-panicadilo from our partners Zavadski and of course, a new light lift with which the chandelier is easy to mount, raise on the working height and omit every time the need to replace the blurred lamps, wipe the dust, carry out inspection.
This light lift, like many electrical models, is controlled from the remote.
Reliable cable will lower and raise the lamp and more weight - it is chosen "with a margin."
Little labor-lift will be familiar even if you need to lower and lust the chandelier every day, it has passed a double weight test.
Paytex makes and mount light lifts for many years. We are ready to assist everyone who needs to be installed and connect a large heavy chandelier, for example, as in the church in Kolomyi. Contact us!

Lift for Chandelier over the Staircase in Vinnitsa
Having a chandelier over the staircase, the owners of the house sooner or later come to the thoughts on the installation of the lift for the chandelier. When it comes time to clean the lamp from dust, replace the blurred light bulbs, to inspect the chandeliers, anyone understands that it is not safe to get to the chandelier by installing a stepladder on the steps in need. Anyone need to call installers with a construction tower. And so every time.
Fortunately, the lighting lift, otherwise the winch for the chandelier, has become a publicly available household appliance, which can be freely acquired and, even if desired, install yourself!
The owners of the house from Vinnitsa decided to act in consistently: finished repair work, purchased the chandelier, but before you have conceived to install the light lift for it. It turned out to be necessary, among other things, in order to collect a chandelier consisting of a plurality of glass details.
We installed the lift in the attic room at home. We chose the light lift model with a loading capacity of 100 kg for a chandelier weighing 80 kg. This is the right one, from our point of view, the approach: the wear of the light lift "with the reserve" will be minimal, and it will work much longer!
In the photo - already collected chandelier. After installing the lift, its cable was lowered and the chandelier base was fixed and then decorative parts were added, giving the opportunity to comfortably and gently mount fragile glass suspensions. After the completion of the assembly, the chandelier was raised to the ceiling using the remote control of the lift.
A light lift is designed to make a human life easier, more comfortable and rid of extra spending. And he copes with this! We are ready to provide and install a light lift if you need it. Contact!

Chandelier Lift in Suspended Positionin in the Space Between the Ceiling and the False Ceiling. Rudyky, Kyiv Region
In this project, it was necessary to install a lift in the lobby of a country house with a ceiling height of 6 m. The chandelier was already connected and the final repairs were completed. Before installing the light lift, we lowered the chandelier on a cable and weighed it - to determine the model of the lift, you need to know exactly the weight of the lamp. A small technological hole was made in the false ceiling at the attachment point. In the space between the ceiling and the false ceiling, in a suspended position on a cable intended for the chandelier, a special base structure was mounted, to which the lift body was fixed. A molded decorative ceiling medallion covered the technological hole in the ceiling. The cable of the electric lift was lowered down and a chandelier was attached to it. With the help of a remote control, the chandelier was raised to its usual place to the ceiling. Now it can be lowered or raised at any time. Anyone can handle this.
2 Chandelier Lifts in Zoloche, Kyiv Region
The customer contacted our company to install lifts for two chandeliers weighing 80 and 120 kg. One of them is located in the lobby, and the second is above the stairs. For this project, we installed 2 electric lifts with a lifting capacity of 100 and 150 kg. The higher lifting capacity was chosen deliberately: for a long and correct operation of the lift, it should not be overloaded.
The chandelier lift in the common room is installed in the space between the ceiling and the false ceiling. A chandelier lift above the flight of stairs is installed in the attic.
The photo shows the installation of the chandelier after installing the lift. The cable for the chandelier is automatically lowered, the lamp is assembled and, after that, the cable with the chandelier rises up to the ceiling.
The lift speed is calculated so that the chandelier moves slowly, without shaking or wobbling. The working height above and below can be set as a constant value with the remote control. This is very convenient, because you do not need to adjust the stopping of the chandelier at the desired point manually, "by eye", each time worrying that the chandelier will be damaged on the floor or ceiling. In the upper and lower position, the chandelier is securely fixed by the lifting brake device. The whole process of the lift is as safe as possible.
The customer has already appreciated all the advantages of using the lift and was pleased with our joint work. Thank you for the cooperation of our partners Asfour Crystal chandelier salon.
Light Lift of Non-Standard Shape and Vertical Fastening, Kozin Kyiv Region
The installation of a light lift for this chandelier is another example of an extraordinary solution to the problem by our company. Here, a wall is located above the technological hole for the lift in the ceiling of the upper floor, so its installation was extremely difficult.
A niche was made in the wall for the installation of the lift. In addition, a 26 mm hole in the ceiling had to be widened. The construction of the light lift was developed in a non-standard triangular shape with a vertical installation method, and the contact group is located in the space between the ceiling and the suspended plasterboard ceiling.The thickness of the floor itself is 330 mm, and the hole diameter is 35 mm. The lifting capacity of the installed lift is 150 kg, and the lifting / lowering height of the cable is 4.5 m. The power of this electric lift is 1100 watts. The lift is controlled by a remote control. Manual control is carried out using buttons on the body of the lift itself. After installation, the lift hoist operation was tested using a double overweight of 380 kg. The lift has passed the tests with dignity and showed its full readiness for work.

Lift for the Power Supply Unit (Sockets) to the Office with Free Arrangement of Workplaces for "Silpo Food" Company
When Silpo Food decided to organize the work of the team in a coworking format in the new rented premises, it had to solve many technical issues and organize the work from scratch. How to supply power to workstations with free locations in the office? This task was to be solved by Silpo-Food and they turned to us for help.
Our company has solved this issue in an unconventional way: to each group of tables, the block of sockets is lowered from above using a portable lift mounted on the ceiling. When choosing the model of the lift, the ceiling height of 5m and the weight of the outlet block were taken into account.
We have designed, manufactured a batch of portable lifts, which have been tested in production, taking into account double weight, and then they have been assembled and put into operation. Now any of the employees can effortlessly lower the sockets to the desired height from the tablet while working, and after finishing return them back to the ceiling.
An inexpensive and easy-to-use lifting device will help in organizing workplaces in any room with free arrangement of furniture: conference rooms, coworking spaces, meeting rooms.

Record Height - 45m! Lift for the Chandelier in the Temple of Peace, Kiev
The task of the project: installation of a lift-lift with an offset from the suspension axis of the chandelier.
Chandelier weight: 700 kg.
Installation height: 45 m.
The Pytex company has implemented a project for the installation of an electric light lift for the main chandelier in the Temple of Peace on the Michurin street in Kyiv. The central chandelier is a complex multi-level structure weighing 700 kg and can be mounted in stages: tier by tier. Installation is possible only when the luminaire is fixed vertically and is at a height accessible to electricians. Therefore, our company installed the light lift even before the installation of the chandelier at the stage of repair work in the church premises.
An electrically driven light lifter was used in this project. The height of the ceiling vault at the point where the chandelier is attached is 45 m. We have developed a special design, which provides for the placement of the lift with an offset from the suspension axis of the chandelier. In this project, the development of the Pytex company was used - a controller that regulates the operation of the lift as a whole, possible emergency situations, a predetermined upper working position for the luminaire and software for this device. Also, the chandelier's working height lock was used in the lift. The light lift is controlled from a wall-mounted control panel for all electrical appliances in the church. Now, by pressing the required combination of buttons and lowering the cable to a comfortable height, you can mount the luminaire or replace the lamps and then raise it to the working level: to where it will be permanently.
All work on the design and installation of the lift was carried out at the stage of repair in the church premises. By the time they ended, it was already possible to fully use the new chandelier. Its installation and further operation became possible only after the installation of the Pytex light lift.
When the Usual Needs Updating: Modernization of the Alladin Light Lift in Kharkov
For a large chandelier in a private house, the customer installed an Alladin chandelier lift from the USA. The design of this light lift does not provide for the function of fixing the chandelier suspension unit in the upper position. That is, when the chandelier moves up, any user must regulate the stop of movement independently "by eye", given that the speed of the chandelier's rise is quite high. The customer turned to the "Pytex" company with a request to eliminate this flaw and, thus, to protect themselves from unforeseen events, because the artistic and commercial value of the chandelier is quite high.
The specialists of the PAYTEX company have designed, manufactured and installed a manually operated mechanical lock for an already installed lift. We started work on the day of the appeal. All work: the creation of the project, its approval, the manufacture of the device and installation took about 3 weeks. It was not necessary to dismantle the winch, it was adjusted on site to take into account the work in the new conditions. Tested successfully: the installed device was tested using excess weight. The use of a mechanical lock from our company guarantees a safe stop and fixation of the chandelier in the upper position. The customer was satisfied with the result, since the task was completed in full.
Camouflage for the Light Lift, Koncha-Zaspa Kyiv Region
Project task: installation of a light lift and camouflage structure.
Chandelier weight: 300 kg.

The chandelier in this house was planned in a 2-storey high hall. The chandelier has large dimensions and complex construction, many decorative details. It can be mounted only in parts, being on the lower floor and, gradually raising the chandelier and attaching tier by tier.

We have designed and installed an electric light lift with a lifting capacity of 300 kg and a lifting / lowering height of 8 m. The up and down movements of the chandelier are controlled by a remote control panel.
An electric light lift was installed in the room above the hall. It was impossible to install it overhead on the ceiling in the hall: it is decorated with an elegant ceiling medallion. For installation, a through technological hole was made in the ceiling with a diameter of 125 mm and a depth of 430 mm. A special structure was made for attaching the lift and at the same time hiding it, since it was planned to arrange a dressing room in this room in the future.
All work on the design and installation of the lift was carried out during the renovation work in the house, so that by the time they were completed, the owners were able to fully use the new chandelier. Its assembly, installation and further operation became possible only after the installation of the Pytex light lift.

Lift for the Chandelier Above the Stairs, Vasilkov Kyiv Region
Project task: development and manufacture of lifts, production of metal structures for the installation of light lifts, installation of equipment at the facility.

Pytex has installed light lifts for lowering / raising chandeliers in two rooms of the country house. One of them is located above the staircase, where it is impossible to install a stepladder or a tower to keep the lamp clean, change bulbs, etc.
For this project, we have developed and installed 2 light lifts with a lifting capacity of 500 kg. Hand-operated lifts were installed in the attic. For convenience and safety of operation, the design was developed in such a way that the power cable is disconnected from the chandelier when it moves down. Thus, the cable does not collect in a coil in the attic, does not go down with the chandelier and is not exposed to unnecessary stress and premature wear.
All tasks of this project were completed in full, the customer was satisfied with its implementation. A mechanical light lift is an irreplaceable assistant in the maintenance of light-weight chandeliers and significantly saves money on their maintenance, justifying the investment from the first days of work.

5 Light Lift Systems for Chandeliers from 500 to 1000 kg in the Mariinsky Palace, Kiev (1 Stage)
Project task: development of project documentation. Manufacturing and installation of lifting equipment. Replacement of outdated equipment for new models. Lift tests.
Installed equipment: 5 light lifts with lifting capacity from 500 to 1000 kg. Chandeliers weight: 200 kg (4 pieces) and 450 kg (1 piece). Ceiling height 9 m.
During the repair and restoration work in the Mariinsky Palace, it became necessary to install lifting equipment for 5 large chandeliers. The Pytex company took part in this project.
The main representative building of the country has long needed the installation of chandelier lifts. Indeed, in order to provide the chandeliers with a neat look, change the light bulbs on time, check the wiring, each time it was necessary to install a repair tower and invite specialists with permission for high-altitude work. And in a building where events are constantly held, where artistic parquet is laid on the floor, this was extremely difficult to do.
It was decided to use 5 hand-operated lifts with a lifting capacity of 500 to 1000 kg. We have developed design documentation, manufactured metal structures for the installation of light lifts. Lifting equipment was installed in the attic. The light lifts were double overweight on site tested. All work, including installation and testing, was carried out in 1 month.
The installation of chandelier lifts is traditional for such rooms with high ceilings. And in this case it is not a luxury, but a means of necessity.

Lift for a chandelier for the House of Culture of the Nosovka city, Chernihiv region.
Project tasks: development of project documentation. Manufacturing of construction for installation light lifter. Installation of equipment at the facility.
Chandelier weight: 100 kg.
For a long time, there was no access to the chandelier in the main assembly hall of the House of Culture and the ability to keep it clean, replace burnt-out lamps, sockets, broken plafonds. The Pytex company took part in the project for the installation of a lift for the central chandelier of the hall weighing 100 kg. The ceiling height of the room is 8 m. We have installed a hand-operated light lift. The lift was installed in the attic, fixed to a specially designed and manufactured structure. Installation work was completed in 1 day.
During the installation process, the chandelier was lowered down, and then, after the completion of the work, it was suspended on a stationary lift cable and raised to its usual place under the ceiling. After the installation of the lift and the chandelier, it became possible to replace the damaged and broken lampshades and old wiring, since only now it became possible to carry out these works.
With the help of the Pytex lift, access to the chandelier has become easy and comfortable. It became possible to carry out maintenance without disassembling the rows of seats in the hall, without using additional equipment and without attracting additional employees. The lift of the Pytex company has become an indispensable assistant in the maintenance of the chandelier, and also significantly saved money on its further maintenance.
9 Light lift Systems with mechanical drive for chandeliers 1500 kg in the Mariinsky Palace, Kiev (2 stage)
Project task: development of project documentation. Manufacturing of metal structures for the installation of light lifts. Dismantling of obsolete equipment. Installation of new equipment at the facility. Testing of lifts.
Installed equipment: 9 light lifts with a mechanical drive with a lifting capacity from 500 to 1500 kg.
Chandeliers weight: 150 kg (3 pieces), 300 kg (4 pieces), 350 kg (1 piece), 600 kg (1 piece).

The Pytex company installed 9 chandelier lifts during the repair and restoration work in the Mariinsky Palace.
Lifts with a lifting capacity from 500 to 1500 kg were used for 9 large-sized chandeliers weighing from 150 to 600 kg, installed in the foyer, above the main staircase and in several halls, including the White Hall with a ceiling height of 7 to 15 m.
Elevators and metal frames specially made for them were installed in the attic of the palace after the dismantling of outdated equipment. All works: development of design documentation, fabrication of structures, installation and testing of lifts were carried out simultaneously with repair work in the building and were completed within the time period stated in the terms of reference..
Lifts from the Pytex company are designed for a long period of trouble-free operation. They provide access to the luminaires whenever you need them. This is especially true in representative institutions, where official events are often held and where the state of the interior and lighting affects the status and authority of the state and organization.

Installation of a Light Lift Under the Roof Ridge, Kiev
Project task: installation of the light lift in a hard-to-reach place under the roof. The owner of a private house turned to Pytex with a request to install a chandelier lift. The chandelier weighs 50 kg and is 7.5 m above the floor under the ridge of the roof. The large distance to it and the acute angle of the vault made it impossible for normal access to the lamp.
Paytex designed and manufactured a special structure to which an electric light lift was attached. The attachment point is covered by a decorative ceiling medallion painted to match the wall and ceiling coverings.
The task set by the customer was completed on time. The operation of the lift and the chandelier can now be controlled using the remote control. The customer was completely satisfied with the work performed. This was already the second project of successful cooperation of the Pytex company on the installation of an light lift in non-standard conditions with this Customer.

Light Lift Inside the Chandelier Structure - Church of St. John-Vladimir, Bar, Montenegro

The main task for this project was to design and install an electric light lift inside the structure of the chandelier itself.
The chandelier is located at a considerable height from the floor, its large size and complex shape allowed for regular cleaning, necessary repairs, replacement of bulbs only by installing scaffolding. But, the services constantly held in the Temple and the large number of parishioners made it inconvenient and often impossible to maintain the chandelier in this way.
The design of the light lift had to be small enough to fit in one of the chandelier parts, the so-called chandelier suspension unit. Our company has developed and installed an electric model of light lift for the main chandelier, controlled by a radio remote control. An electric light lift placed in a separate container-structure is placed directly above the upper tier of the chandelier, which is held by 4 cables around the perimeter. The chandelier weighing 600 kg is a complex three-tier structure with a large number of decorative details and a cross that could be assembled in stages when the chandelier was in the upper position. The use of the Pytex lift has greatly facilitated the installation of a chandelier of cultural, religious and artistic value. With the help of the Pytex electric light lift, access to the chandelier has become easy and convenient. Now, by pressing a button on the remote control, it is possible to lower the chandelier down, carry out the necessary work, and then raise it again to its original place. Simple and easy.

Light Lift for a Heavy Chandelier and a Structure that Reduces the Load on the Floor, Bykovnya Kyiv region
Project task: installation of a lift-lift and a structure that reduces the load on the floor.
Chandelier weight: 350 kg.
The customer contacted Pyteks for a 350 kg chandelier lift.
During the initial inspection, it was revealed that the light lift was already installed, but with a violation of the process of work and the place of installation, which did not allow the chandelier to be lowered and raised without interference in the future.
Another of the main tasks of installing the lift was the development of a special design that would evenly distribute the load from a heavy chandelier to the ceiling, since when developing a house project, the large weight of the chandelier was not taken into account.
In a short time, Pytex specialists carried out special calculations, designed and manufactured a multi-level metal structure. She helped to reduce the load on the ceiling of the chandelier by 16 times. A mechanically driven light lift was used in this project. This type of winch has already been installed by us several times and has proven itself in the best possible way.
With the help of a light lift from the Pytex company, the chandelier with a large number of decorative elements was raised to a height convenient for assembly. The customer was able to use the new device and, on the same day, complete the installation of the chandelier and begin its operation. The use of a Pytex lift has made this process much easier. The customer was completely satisfied with the work, because the whole complex of work was completed in a short time: the installation of the metal structure and the lift was completed in 1 day.

Light Lift for a Chandelier Precisely Oriented in the Space of the Room, Tarasovka , Kyiv Region.
In this project, Pytex installed a chandelier lift with a square base (bowl). The chandelier has a cruciform regular shape and it was necessary to place it in a strictly directed direction so that the sides of the chandelier were parallel to the walls of the room. This became an interesting feature of this project: after all, when moving up, the chandelier scrolls a little around its axis, rising up to the ceiling. This is a normal operation of the lift. When the chandelier has a circle at its base, no difficulties arise: in the upper position, it looks the same from all sides.

For the chandelier, which must stop in a clearly defined direction, the Pytex company has developed and applied a special device in the construction of the light lift. Now, by pressing the button of the electric lift remote control, the owners of the house can be firmly sure that their chandelier will stop in a given position and will not violate the aesthetics of the interior.

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