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About Paytex company


Trade and production company "PAYTEX" operates in several directions:

  • Production of light lifts for heavy and large chandeliers under its own brand Paytex, including individual projects;
  • Wholesale and retail light lifts with a lifting capacity from 15 to 5000 kg;
  • Installation of light lifts for chandeliers;
  • Wholesale and retail lighting equipment;
  • Installation of household and industrial lighting devices;
  • Production of lamps by order.
Paytex light lifts installed for chandeliers in the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv

We are trying:
Increase the model range, improve the design of the mechanism, solve non-standard tasks
Provide only tested products and high quality services
Apply an innovative approach to the design of the light lifts: to introduce advanced technical ideas to our developments
Being a reliable supplier for our customers, thanks to flexible pricing policies, exact dates and high quality products.

Our advantages
light lift for chandelier
We offer a wide range of high-quality elevator elevators at affordable prices.
light lift service
Full production cycle
Competent technical advice, design, manufacture, installation, technical support for the entire light lift service life.
light lift
We do not apply a template approach and practice only individual solutions for each project.
light lift
Affordable price
We provide attractive prices for lighting lifts - we are official representatives of the dealer of all represented brands.
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